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The annexation of Palestine: A Daunting and Unsettled Issue

Jerusalem, a land beloved to Muslims, Christians, and Judas to possess holy places for all like, Al-Aqsa Mosque (3rd Holiest place for Muslims), St. James Cathedral for Christians, the wailing wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for Jews respectively. Jerusalem has always been a cherubic city for which several wars have been marked, and those wars were either amok or inchoate.

The annexation of Palestine, or mainly Jerusalem, can be traced back to the Pre-Roman Empire era. The city had been fought wars for 16 times, destroyed a couple of times, besieged and annexed. Different people claim Jerusalem as their ancestor’s legacy as Jews believe that King David in 1000 B.C conquered Jerusalem and made it the capital of the Jewish empire. In contrast, for Muslims, the Al-Aqsa mosque is the third Holiest place. The annexation and the disturbance in abut can be observed through a timeline of events.

  1. 1917 (Pre-British mandate)

It was the time of World War I, and the war was at its peak, and the British army needed some volunteers to fight for them. At that time, Palestine was absorbed by 94% Muslims led by Ottoman Turks. British call for volunteers led to an agreement between the British and Jews “Balfour agreement”– An agreement between British and Jews that if Jews fight on their front, they will help them settle in Palestine. British army captured Palestine after defeating Ottoman Turks 1400 years reign. In 1920, the British mandate was signed for 28 years.

  • 1918 – 1947 (A Wave of Jewish Community)

The British mandate was an alarming buzzer for the Muslims of Palestine, and due to the mandate, tons of Jews started to flee towards Palestine. Apart from the mandate, Jews began to settle in Palestine due to the “Holocaust” from 1941 – 1945. According to statistics, the Jewish population escalated from 6 to 33%, and 3.76 Million Jews settled in Palestine during these years.

  • 1947 (UN-partition plan {Resolution 181})

In 1947, the United Nations proposed a partition plan that dispensed 55% of land to Jews and 45% to Arabs and put Jerusalem under international control. Arabs were in the majority in Palestine with a ratio of 3: 1, but allocating the majority of the land to Jews was unacceptable, so Arabs of Palestine, along with many countries like Pakistan, India, RSA, Syria, and Libya, etc. rejected the resolution.

  • 1948 (First Arab-Israel War)

After 28 years of the British mandate expired in 1948, this led to the first episodic Arab-Israel war with massive cataclysm and catastrophe, causing several calamities. Israel won the war and captured 78% of once Palestinian land and expelled 7.5 Million Arabs. 22% of Arab land was divided into two segments: West Bank and Gaza Strip. The ceasefire was agreed in 1949, known as the “Armistice Agreement” between Israel, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan. These countries forged a new border, “Armistice Green Line.” Jerusalem was in the West Bank, and the border only made it till 1967.

  • 1967 (Six-Dar War)

In 1967, there came another Six-Day War between Arab-Israel with the preemptive Israel airstrike. Israel occupied Gaza Strip and West Bank historic places and expelled out 3 Million Arabs. Egypt and Syria were also involved in the war, so Israel also captured Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula of Syria and Egypt, respectively. In 1978, Egypt signed a peace agreement with Israel and became the first Muslim state to accept Israel as a state, and Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt.

  • 1993/1997 Oslo Accords

These were the first-ever peace talks that were held between Palestine and Israel, and this led to the formation of the Palestinian Authority (PA) that can govern areas of self-rule for five years tenure. This peace talks also led to the fragmentation of the West Bank into three parts.

  • Area A: 3% of land under the PA control that was increased to 18% in 1999.
  • Area B: The PA would govern 22% of the land but Israel will have control of the external security and can invade anytime.
  • Area C: 60% of the land was allotted to PA according to the Oslo Accord, but Israel never gave control to PA.
  • 2020 Present Day

The total area of Palestine and Israel is 26,790 square kilometers, where Israel has 20,770 square kilometer land, and the rest is Palestine, which was complete Palestine’s land till 1920. Modern Palestine includes the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. The total population of Palestinian Arabs is 8 Million, and there are 16 governorates in Gaza and West Bank that govern the regions. Such an atrocity that once a holy land for Muslims has been snatched by the Jews and the World has done nothing but helped them.

  • Israeli Settlement

6 – 7.5 Million Jewish communities started to settle into the Palestinian land marking a new shape of Traditional and Cultural genocide like in Xinjiang and Kashmir. The Jewish settlement is inimical to the 4th Geneva convention. In 2019, USA President Donald Trump monikers it “Not necessarily illegal,” and after that, 250 settlements started to invade in East Jerusalem and West Bank.  10% of the 6.8 Million Jewish population lives in Palestinian lands and are increasing rapidly.

  • Separation Wall and Checkpoints

Since 2002, Israel is building a separation wall violating the Armistice Greenline forged in 1967 and capturing the Palestinian lands. According to the survey, 85% of the wall lies in the West Bank and Palestinian territory. Israeli forces have placed 700 obstacles and 140 checkpoints in the West Bank. People of Palestine require a “work permit” for daily commutes and have to wait hours in queues to pass the checkpoints. Palestinians are not independent, even in their land.

Here are some of the remarks of Palestinian residents regarding the strict checkpoints they have to face every day.

  1. Jerusalem- The Divided City

Jerusalem city is divided into two parts, West and East Jerusalem. West is the majority Jewish community, whereas East Jerusalem is the majority Muslim population. The city had been put under wars, crusades, and many besiege. The city is a significant hub for Muslims, Christians, and Jews due to the legacy of their ancestors and the Holy Places of their respective religions.

  1. Trump Map 2020

USA President Donald Trump had put forward the map of Israel in 2020 that allowed the control of Palestine to Jews and Muslims. On that map, 85% of the land will be under the control of Jews and 15% under Muslim rule. This map also allowed Israel to annex vast parts of the West Bank in the Palestinian territory.

  1. Palestinians Today

There are about 13 Million Palestinians today that live in Israel. 3 Million population lives in West Bank and East Jerusalem, and 2 Million of them live in the Gaza strip. 1.9 Million Arabs live on the Israeli lands, and 5.6 Million have fled to the other Arab countries due to the war waged.

Israel has annexed the land of Palestinians and had incarcerated the Arabs like a parasite. The whole world has witnessed the extremely wicked, shockingly evil, and vile seizure of the Arabs by Israel. Palestinians once enjoyed the gleeful and glorious life under the command of the Ottoman Empire are imprisoned in their own land by Israel. The world paid a deaf ear to the scuffle between Arabs and Jews and had paved the way for Israel to annex Palestine formidably.